Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Somebody Likes Me!!

I can't believe it. Apparently people actually read this blog--and enjoy it once in a while! My sweet friend Amy--check out her blog here-- (who, ironically, I have gotten to know better since she move ACROSS the country) has nominated me for a fantabulous award! Here it is!

I have to say, I'm pretty humbled. I checked out all the other blogs that she nominated and I don't even come near them, but it's so nice to think that someone out there can laugh at my life, and that's pretty much why I started the whole thing. So here is my acceptance speech (ahem:)

I'd like to thank the 10 people who actually come here and a regular basis and I'd like to thank all my friends who know I started this to help me control all my randomness and still love me anyway.

Now, onto my nominations:

The Daily Cool -- I've mentioned this one before. My friend from college is one of the hippest people I know and her blog is no exception. There is always something cool there, especially from the Utah Valley area.

-- By far one of the coolest blogs I've seen. It's a online photo/scrapping assignment group that makes you look at the little things in your life you might often miss. Very cool concept. The whole project is on hold right now, but still check it out. I hope she restarts.

JPH3-- This is my brother in law's blog. By far one of the funniest guys I know and his commentary on the things going on are hilarious.

Bakerella -- You might have seen this blog already. It's a pretty famous one out there. I LOVE IT!! Such good ideas and such amazing projects. It makes my mouth water. Awesome!

LDS Blogs -- Okay, so this one might be a bit of a cop out, but its a bloglist of a bunch of LDS women blogs. It's fun to go see what others are doing.

Twilight Guy -- The online blog of a guy reading the Twilight series (come on-- you knew there was going to be a Twilght one in here somewhere!) He comments chapter by chapter and is currently half way through New Moon. It's SO funny and very entertaining.

The Flickr Blog -- Once again, already pretty well known, but I love it. It's an online blog of the flickr website (and online photo sharing community.) Everyday you get a new awesome image or two and a story. Great. I never get tired of looking at photographs and I hope I never do.

Now, I do have to say that I actually feel kinda awkward getting this nod. Go check out Amy's blog and see the people she linked to-- it's making me feel a little inadequate. However, I have decided to rise to challenge and not shrink away! Expect some new fun things here in the next couple months (and I actually might try my hand a a giveaway!)



Amylouwho said...

Whatever - you totally deserve this! Remember too - you were in the midst of your Twilight cupcake series when I gave this to you. I don't know of any other blogs with such daring!

Plus, you are funny and a good writer.

and you have great hair!

Contessa Vanessa said...

Oh good, I'm glad someone has FINALLY acknowledged my luscious locks...

Debbie said...

What I wasn't nominated :) hee hee LOL! Just kidding! I agree with Amy, you have great hair!!! And a great photographer.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Contessa - Thanks much for the kudos. Coming from you, that's a GREAT compliment.

It’s been too long since we got the fams together. We should hook up at D-land or something.