Friday, August 1, 2008


I can hardly think straight. I'm totally excited for tonight and I (once again) know I'm completely ridiculous and don't even care.

I love it. I also love the fact that me and 7 other members of my book club are the FIRST people to get our books tonight at 12:01. That is the fact I am choosing to dwell on, not the fact that we are officially the dorkiest people in Oceanside for being camped out in front of the store by 7 am and being the ONLY people camped out until about and hour and a half later. We're nerds, I love it. So, I've pretty much spent all morning taking stock of my current state of mind and have decided to create a list of 10 signs you are completely and totally addicted to Twilight.

10. You stand in line HOURS before anyone else with several of your dear friends to ensure a guaranteed 12:01 purchase of Breaking Dawn.

9. Whenever the names "Edward" or "Jacob" are used in conversations around you, your automatic reaction is to stop and listen to said conversation in order to make sure you are not being left out of a conversation involving your two favorite male characters.

8. You attempted to pre-order Breaking Dawn before the bookstore even had a pre-order list created.

7. Your morning routine includes one or more of the following: reading the quote of the day on Stephenie Meyer's website, googling articles on Twilight and Stephenie Meyer, reading parts one of the first three installments of the series in order to be prepared for Breaking Dawn.

6. You find yourself contemplating Bella's fate and her relationship with Edward in inappropriate places, such as church, in the temple, swim lessons, exercise class, in meetings, and during meal time with your family.

5. You have had to explain to at least one family member that, Yes, you are completely aware that the characters in the book are a.)fictional, b.) will always be fictional c.) completely out of the scope of actual reality.

4. You are right now, or will be within the next 48 hours, wearing and article of clothing and/or accessory that refers to any and all of the following: vampires, werewolves, twilight, moons, eclipses, imprints, cullens, sparkles, forks, and Quileutes.

3. You have informed all business associates, friends, and loved ones that you will be completely and totally unreachable and unavailable on the day of and the night before August 2nd.

2. You have begun to reach out and surround yourself with others who feel your same addiction in order to further your break from reality. These other have been found in various places including (but not limited to) church, your children's school, the library, other distant family members, through friends of friends, and the bookstore.

1. You are still reading this list.

If you have answered yes to 3 or more of these questions, please, do not despair. You are not alone. There are many people who are willing to support you and not judge. Here is a place you can go to be supported as you work through your addiction. Please click here