Friday, August 29, 2008

Iron Cupcake Mania

Well, all the entries are in and there are some FANTASTIC ones. I feel pretty honored to be put into the favorites of fellow cupcake competitor Rachel over at One Pretty Thing. Here blog is amazing, go check it out.

Here are my top 8 favorites:

Left to Right and Top to Bottom:

1. Grilled corn cupcake by xcountry baking
2. "Hot" Chocolate cupcake by I Heart Cuppycakes

3. Chocolate Chipotle del Muertos by Cupcake Atlanta
4. The Twisted Thai Cupcake by My Sweet Cupcakes

5. Peaches and Steam by Lisa Michele
6. Cincinnati Chili Cupcake by Dog Hill Kitchen

7. Lemon Ginger Chili Pepper Cupcakes with Honey Lemon Frosting by Tofu and Cupcakes
8. Black Sesame Chili Cupcake by Delightful Delicacies

Go check them out and don't forget the voting opens on Sunday--so go vote for me--and for Vivie, she REALLY worked hard on these and wants to win (that's right, I'm shamelessly using my utterly adorable kitchen assistant to win your vote!)


Maggie said...

Thanks for adding me to your favorite cupcake list!

Lisa Michelle said...


I'm flattered that you added me to your top cupcakes! Thank you!

That said, speaking of cream cheese and pepper jelly, Kingdom Come's cupcake is moist dark chocolate cake filled with cream cheese and pepper jelly. It was the first thing I thought of when I read your comment. The thought of your grandma's hot pepper jelly with cream cheese on crackers instantly made my mouth water! I used to beg for cream cheese and jelly sandwiches in my lunch box, when I was a kid, and I still love that combo to this day!

That said, umm..if you ever feel like sharing/blogging her hot pepper jelly recipe, I wouldn't protest ;D

Aubrey said...

Thanks for noticing my cupcake and thanks for the shout-out! Your cupcake looks amazing, but I must say your sous-chef really steals the show.