Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Somewhere between the day I got married and now, I lost my crown. No, not just my crown, my title. This is not just a case of misplaced sparkly headware, I have been mercilessly de-throned. Even worse this hostile takeover has been on the sly. There was no siege of the castle walls, no trumpets blaring. No, this was an inside job. Slowly, over time, two little princesses have staked their claim to my rule. Princess Sydney disguised herself in big brown eyes, golden curls, and a fiery wit to win a place in my heart and take over, but she could not manage alone, right after her birth, she recruited Princess Genevieve to her cause and was received graciously. My own flesh and blood as sold me out and usurped the spot I once held in this mighty household. I have gone from being the princess to the lady in waiting. There once was a time I was admired by handsome princes and showered with praises. Now I am only asked about menu choices, lost toys and dry cleaning pickups. Once I was ornately adorned in the latest trends of the season purchased at full retail price, but now I am lucky to pick the crusted cheerios off my bleach-stained yoga pants before running out the door. I remember fondly quiet relaxing dinners of exotic and interesting cuisine as I dine on a half eaten bowl of cold macaroni and cheese…
Many great ladies have fallen in such a manner as I have and I am here to tell you—NO MORE! Forever gone are the days I could consider myself a lady of leisure, but I have decided not to surrender so easily. My adversaries are small, but they are treacherous (and I’m also pretty sure they have made an alliance with the king.) I’m taking back my rule (or at least my right to shower everyday.) Lady in waiting begone! Contessa Vanessa has rejoined the royal court!