Monday, June 1, 2009

Olson Princess Round Up

I'm shamefully behind in letting all friends and family know what's going on. So here you go:

We had easter and easter dresses:

Sydney made an awesome Easter bonnet with silk flowes and tissue paper:

She went on a field trip to the grocery store and got to pet a lobster and be a checker:

She even had Hawaiian day at school:

I ran a 5K the day before Mother's day and Vivie was my cheerleader. This was my first 5k since Vivie was born, so it was a pretty big deal for me. I'm signed up to run a 10k on the fourth of July, so hopefully I'll be ready:

And finally, Vivie is just being Vivie. Today she wore this all morning and pretended to trick or treat. Every time she came by my desk I gave her a marshmallow. It was pretty awesome.

Coming up this summer: Elementary school talent show (Syd will be singing), kindergarten graduation, swim lessons, days a the beach, a surprise b-day trip to Sea World for Syd (shhh... don't tell) Syd's 6th birthday, the fair (and my first real baking competition entry), girls camp, the (hopefully) 10k, and of course more Vivie being Vivie-- which let's face it, is pretty the most entertaining thing on the list.

Happy Summer Everyone! What are your plans?


Debbie said...

great the pixie girl

Terresa said...

Lovely hat! Great picts!

Our summer plans include hiding out in the cool mountains of southern Utah and lazing around in hammocks around the family cabin. Anything to escape this desert summer heat!!

The Guiness Family said...

vivie smiles just like you. I love it!