Thursday, June 18, 2009

The GIANT Cupcake Cake

So, for Christmas my mom got me the Wilton giant cupcake pan that pretty much everyone has seen, but I tucked it away and never made anything with it. Then Sydney was turning 6 and I thought AHA! Here's my good excuse. Of course she was thrilled because she loves anything on a giant scale, so a giant cupcake is right up her alley.

I decided to go for a pink and brown sort of scheme, but really I was just wingin' it. Sydney requested chocolate cake on the bottom and cherry chip on top. We went cake mix all the way. The only thing that was going to bug me was that I knew I wanted to layer and frost (being a frosting kinda girl) the bottom half of the cake, but I still wanted it to look smooth and neat and I didn't want to ice the whole cake. THEN I cam across these directions to make a chocolate shell for the bottom from Oh Sugar. She states she got the idea from Wilton cake decorating. Either way, go check hers out because it's awesome.

It turned out great! Probably the neatest part of the cake. Then I layered and frosted the rest of the cake and for the top in order to create jumbo sprinkles I just used the Wilton Candy melts, but turned upside down so the perfectly flat side was showing. The little white polka dots are .... yep, you guessed it, white chocolate chips turned upside down. I finished it off with Wilton's jumbo sprinkles, I just picked out the pink ones.

I had enough cake batter left over to make a dozen cupcakes so I made those up and then frosted and sprinkled. So cute and fun! This pan is a keeper for sure! My one tip is to go low and slow on the cooking time here. I baked this up at 325 for an hour. The cake is moist and did not get over done. My frosting is a bit on the messy side, but I just ran out of time to fuss with it. Sydney was thrilled when it was done, so I figured I could let my OCD go for this one day and have messy frosting.

Oh, and on a side note. Last night at 11 pm I decided to make Sydney her own birthday banner. I have seen all these awesome paper crafters making these amazing birthday banners like this one and this one.

So, I made one too. Now, I know mine looks nothing like the examples, but it was 11 at night and I'm not even a scrapbooker, so I have VERY limited paper supplies on hand. Regardless, I think it's pretty cute and Sydney LOVED IT! Not bad for some ribbon a few pieces of cardstock and then whatever embellishments I could scrounge before midnight. I wish I had thought ahead and I would have acutally made a better effort and even made it to match the cake. Oh well. So all you real scrappers, mock me if you must, but I still think it's cute.


joanna said...

Happy Birthday Sydney! You will get your annual birthday serenade from Carlitos this evening!

Terresa said...

Lovely signs, and sweet cupcake! I didn't realize how **big** it was until I scrolled down to the pic of it with the other smaller cupcakes. Wow! Where did you find the Wilton mold for that -- JoAnns or Michaels??

Snooky doodle said...

Happy birthday to your little one. THe cake looks awesome. It's perfect! I would love a cupcake like that :)

The McPherson Clan--- said...

Those cherry-chip cupcakes were goooodd! I want another one RIGHT NOW!