Monday, April 27, 2009


Hey Everyone!

Voting is open for the Iron Cupcake Competition this month! You can vote for up to three entries and it just so happens I made three cupcakes for this month's theme! So vote for one, two, or if you really love me, all three!
Click on the iron cupcake icon to the right ------------------------------>>>>>

Scroll down and I'm the last three entries on the right. Click them, hit vote and sit back!
Thanks so much for your support!

Oh yeah, and next month's theme is a SAVORY (think salty and spicy and not so sweet) cupcake, so if you have any requests, leave them here!


Snooky doodle said...

voted :) for 3

Debbie said...


Rhonda L. Thomas said...

I voted.

Salty ... savory ... spicy ... Hmmm, the first three things that popped into my head were enchilada sauce and pretzel bagel, potato cheese bacon.

Debbie said...

you are sooo close!!!

amylouwho said...

oh dear. That orange cream looks delighfully refreshing. I want a creamsicle right now!!

I think you should do some kind of cheesy cornbread with salsa/guac topping.
OH!! how about hide some salsa IN the cupcake and ice it with guac? How would you keep it from turning brown though?

Vanessa Contessa said...

You're reading my mind, Amy! Right now I'm working on a sweet corn cilantro and avocado creation for next month!

amylouwho said...

OH! yummmy!!! I was just thinking put the avocado in the middle like you did the root beer filling. You could seal it off with cake or frosting and it might stay fresh... mmmmmm

Why oh WHY do I not live there any more?