Saturday, December 27, 2008

Temecula with the Becula (I'm practically Emily Dickinson)

We popped in and out of shops and I found out that Rebbecca has an almost unhealthy obsession with Train sets. Here she is in her FAVORITE shop of the street. It's a train shop.

That's okay, because here's my favorite shop.

Yes, that's right, The Bank of Mexican Food. I think I would like to open an account there in the near future.

After browsing for while, Becca lead us down a side street to go here:

and apparently this was really the main reason we came. Yes, we drove 45 minutes for Nuts. But hey- like the sign says They're the hottest nuts in town.

Here are some more eye candy from trip. I have to say my favorite find of the day is the Loch Nessa Monster Topiary. I think he belongs in my yard (considering I spent the majority of my adolescense being called "Nessie.")

Becca left today and we are bummed. We miss her already. Come back soon, Bec!!


Sara Walker said...

How fun!!! I love the picture of you and your girls on the previous post -so adorable. You are so photogenic, I wish you'd see that!!!

Ah, man! Now I feel all bad that we didn't call and invite you to brunch! It was really last minute and we didn't want the rejection of people telling us that they already had plans and it was only us that were lame and don't have any family or anything going on... You are totally invited next year -ditch your family...

Brandon is thinking that we are going to play the "we just had a baby card" and skip church tomorrow, although I think we ruined our chances of getting away with this as we came to church last week... darn!! I miss everybody though!!

Hope you had a good Christmas.

Anonymous said...


Your friend is right. You are very good with a camera. Thank you for the nice comments about our town and specifically, my restaurant...The Bank of Mexican Food. We are very proud of it. We welcome you to open an account as well.

Come again,
Craig Puma
Owner of The Bank
President - Old Town
Temecula Association

Vanessa Contessa said...

Thank you Craig,

I plan to be returning to your little gem of a bank soon!


Sarah said...

Old Town Temecula is a favorite spot for us, too. We always go to the soda shop to check for new root beers.

You know you're almost home when you see Temecula!

joanna said...

What I want to know was what exactly was inside the Bank of Mexican food?

joanna said...

Oh I just read the other comments...I get it! Looks good!

Double B - Why a Heart? said...

I am missing you all already too, like when I was leaving it set in. I love the pictures, I think I still want to see all of them. I have to say, my train obsession is very healthy... LOL.. ok maybe I need help, wanna come buy one with me?

Debbie said...

i have always wanted to go!!!! beautiful pics as always

The Gomes Family said...

I used to live in Temecula for about 6 months, thank you so much for posting this. I was 17 when I lived there so it has been 13 years. Thanks!