Friday, September 12, 2008

Microscope Necklace Mania (oh yeah--and a GIVEAWAY!)

Things have been a tad crazy here. Syd started school and choir again (so now I'm back to being regulated by my 5 year old's schedule) and I have been working like crazy to try to get my photography website up and running so I can be officially "re-open" for business after the whole Genevieve saga.

In the meantime I've been entertaining my busy little hands with variations of a basil cupcake for the iron cupcake competition (which I'll post next week) and making my newest favorite jewelry, the microscope slide necklace. Most of you probably remember the one I made for the Breaking Dawn release, if not, check it out here. Since then, the floodgates have opened. I have made three more pendants in the last few weeks. Now, these are not made with one of those kits or premade metal frames. My own two little hands printed the images, cut the glass, wrapped them in copper and soldered them... okay I didn't solder them myself, my super husband did because he loves me and wants me to keep my fingers... but still they are one of a kind, and they are awesome. Of these three, one is for me, one is for my mother in law, and one of them is for YOU!

Here they all are in their soldered glory. The first one I made is for me. I made a square pendant set on an angle so it hangs down like a diamond. The image inside is a picture of an old vintage camera and on the back is my favorite quote from Ansel Adams, "When words become unclear I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence."

The second one is for my sweet mother in law, it is a picture of the LDS Salt Lake Temple and on the back there is a scriptural passage. I hope she'll love it since it's for her birthday (and she should receive it before I post, so no spoiler...)

The third might just be my favorite and I made it for someone out there in blogland. I have this idea floating in my head for a while. I took a photograph of some gorgeous gerber daisies I picked up at the farmers market a while ago and I have never found the right purpose for it. Finally when tossing and turning the other night I thought of an idea...

On the front of this necklace is a the picture of the yellow daisies and on the back just one simple word; SIMPLIFY.
I thought it would be a perfect giveaway piece. Sometimes it seems like all us mommy bloggers are trying to do everything all at once and it never seems to work out. I know I repeatedly tell my daughter that I only have two arms and two legs, but sometimes I have to remind myself of that fact as well. So here it is ladies, your own little personal token to wear and remember to keep it simple. In a way it's a bit of thank you to all your great blogs and the entertainment they give me when I'm stressed.
I love it, it's pretty and sunny and unexpected. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Now let's give it away! I've never done one of these before and I'm a little out of my league, but it totally want to sit at the giveaway blogger lunchtable so here we go. To enter follow these two steps:

1.Post a link to me on your blog (or facebook or myspace, whatever your little 'net space is) to let everyone know about the giveaway.

2. Leave a comment here. The comment must contain either the word cupcake or the word awesome (it's my blog so I can do whatever I want.) Get creative people, these are two of my most favorite words ever, so let's see what you can do with them.

3. Only comment once and all anonymous will be deleted.

The entries will be open for two weeks. On September 28th I'll announce the winner. (Oh yeah, and I'm picking the winner by random generator, not by how awesome your cupcake and awesome comments are.) One final note, the pendant come alone-- so you can add whatever chain you like.

Good Luck!


allyn said...

let me be the first to make a comment about your awesome talents and schmoooz my way to nabbing the grand prize.
my husband delivered a baby one time and the mother tore in the event. she asked him in all seriousness and desperation, "are you going to sew my cupcake closed?"
after this awesome analogy you may not be able to think of cupcakes quite the same way.

Erin J. said...

I'm so flabbergasted by the previous comment that I can't think of anything awesome or cupcake-ish. Totally blank.

But I do want to say- I agree with the simplifying. I have 3 callings in my ward and I just got my visiting teaching list- it has 5 sisters on it! I don't know if a mother of 3 kids under 5 should be doing that much, but I am!

Amylouwho said...

awesome story, Allyn!

As far as cupcakes go, you should check out Bakerella today - she does a review of 'slice n bake' cupcakes. I know! Can you be serious?! slice and bake??? That's what she says, too.

Cool necklaces! I want it. and I'm going to post you on my blog right now. Along with a couple cover songs that I love. kisses!

Halvos said...

Lol--I am laughing at Allyn's comment! And I'm loving that you are doing a give-away on your blog. How cool, I mean AWESOME are you? What will you come up with next? Necklace cupcakes? Or cupcake necklaces?-Lori

Debbie said...

Allyn you make me laugh and I can't beleive you just wrote that, no I can!!! What can I say about Vanessa and her awesome cupcakes??? hmm that was unique!!! Now let me think...
C- Creative
U- Unique
P- Perfect
C- Custom
A- Awesome :)
K- Kitchen (not too many k words)
E- Extraordinary

Debbie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
joanna said...

First of all, did the woman want her cupcake sewn "up" as in repaired, or sewn "closed" to prevent ever having to deliver a baby again? I really can't top that story. But Carlitos says "Dancing cupcakes are so funny. And awesome."
I have had to watch that youtube video, oh, a hundred times since you posted it on your blog. THANKS! :)
I love the necklace!

allyn said...

the woman was scared that her cupcake was going to get sewn shut.
i seriously did not make that up. i remember when aron came home from work and told me that story. i hope that it hasn't ruined vanessa's give-away. i really just wanted to have the most outlandish story using her favorite words so i could win the major award.
i think you should demand that people use the phrase "oh, for the love", for your next give-away, vanessa.

joanna said...

Allyn your story is too funny! Thank you for clarifying. :)

Rachel said...

I found you via your cupcake post, because I co-run Cupcakes Take the Cake, but then discovered the rest of your awesome blog, including this necklace post. What I need in a HUGE way is to simplify (my home, my head, my handbag) so I wanted to leave a comment, but also say, you have a fabulous blog!

Misty said...

I found your awesome and beatiful blogsite through your friend, Debbie. I'm new to blogging and this week discovered a famous blogger Nieniedialogues and now, Im meeting all of you. I LOVE cupcakes!!! And my mouth is drooling after I saw the pictures of the baking-action of keylime &basil. Good luck with your contest. And your necklaces are beautiful. I hope you will make more!!!