Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Twilight Bling

Okay, so this is only half Twilight related. I figured I needed something extra fancy to wear to Comic-con tomorrow. There are going to be A LOT of Twilighters there and I just thought I should represent (in fact, people are starting to refer to tomorrow's events at Twili-con 2008.)

I thought this sounded like the perfect excuse to finally make one of these glass pendants my mom (the jewelry maker extraordinaire) showed me. The are basically they are an image inside two pieces of glass that have been soldered together and a ring attached. I find them fascinating! It has limitless possibilites and you can really personalize them in any way you want. Of course, mine is Twilight, but I"m in the process of making one with a camera in it and another with a picture of the girls.

The pendant is the Twilight book cover on the front (tweaked a bit of course because I can't leave ANYTHING alone) and the phrase "Real Vampires Sparkle" on the back.

For more info on how to make them, check out this link here
and for some more awesome examples, check these out.

I have to admit, I totally cheated and had Jon the super-husband work his awesome soldering skills and do that part for me (we all know if I had tried, there would have been a trip to the burn unit.) Still, I claim the pendant truly as my own and can't wait to show it off tomorrow.
Comic-con here I come! (I'll post all about in on Friday.)