Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I don't know what's going on. I'm having blog issues the last two days and nothing was showing up (hence no post yesterday-sorry.) I took out my background from cutestblogontheblock until I can figure it out.

Anyway, today all I really wanted to do was to link you to all my favorite Twilight sight on the web right now (in case you are crazy and can sleep like me and need to surf.) Most of the fan sites and forum are down since they don't want spoilers posted, but I stumbled across this one the other day. It is beyond entertaining.

Twilight Guy -- It's basically an online blog of a guy (and aspiring author) who is reading the series and gives his take chapter by chapter. He's currently in New Moon right now, but I finally went back to the very beginning and starting reading his entries. Twilight and the male mind together--my head wants to explode.

Also, check out and just search Twilight. (particularly in the jewelry) So funny to see what everyone else is making too.

So, sorry, short post, but still good stuff. I'm pretty much geeking out about Friday and am also a little swamped and preoccupied with some other unexpected stuff. HOWEVER-- "The Bella" should be making it's debut (hopefully) tomorrow evening.

2 more days!!