Thursday, April 24, 2008


Underoos are awesome.

I wish I still had a pair. They were the best things ever. I have a picture of myself in Wonder Woman underoos when I was like, 5, but its fallen in to the black hole that is family pictures. I wish
I could find it.

Most underoos came in the superhero variety, but my favorite has to be Chewbacca Underoos. Nothin' says "hey it's the '80's" than a big hairy Chewbacca painted across your underclothing. Except for maybe A-Team underoos, or Dukes of Hazard, now THAT would be sweet.

Regardless, underoos are still awesome. I don't know why they don't make them in grown up sizes. I'm sure there enough of us dorks trying to reclaim the carefree irresponsibility of our youth.

If anyone out there is wondering what you get a Contessa for a gift, I want some Underoos...


Sara, Brandon & Ella Walker said...

I loved my Wonder Woman set! -Wish I still had them too. I felt so super when I had them on.

jonathan said...

I used to rock the A-team undies... I pitty the fool that messed with me on those glorious days.