Saturday, April 26, 2008

Congratulations Devyn and Michael!

One of my very favorite people had their baby this weekend. Congratulations new mommy Devyn and daddy Michael (and congratulations to Auntie DeEtte, too!)

Here's a tribute to new baby:

Jane Elizabeth Mann

(sung to the tune of Welcome Welcome Sabbath Morning...)

Welcome Welcome Baby Jane,
You're now here and we're so glad!
Welcome Welcome to your family
With your awesome Mom and Dad.

Aunt DeEtte and little Lily have been waiting to meet you,
Now Connor will be happy that Devyn won't eat all the food!

Welcome Welcome Baby Jane
Now please, sleep through the night,
Welcome, Welcome, Baby Jane
You make this world alright!


Debbie said...

AHHH she is so gorgeous, she looks like Devyn. Love the picture!!!