Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vicarious Green Thumb

I love orchids. Love them. I've killed about 6 of them now and have officially stopped trying to grow them myself, just enjoy them (and photograph them of course!) I decided to go out to the Wild Animal Park today to enjoy their annual Orchid display and here are some of my favorite.


Sara, Brandon & Ella Walker said...

How beautiful. I didn't know Wild Animal Park did that.
I'm with you on Orchids, there is nothing more pretty or harder to keep alive. I've switched to very realistic silk / plastic Orchids in my house as I've killed all my real ones.

Meaghan said...

I'm finally getting a chance to look through some blogs! I love the orchids. I love taking pictures of flowers, the only ones we personally have are really weeds because I kill all plants indoors and out. I have no shame and will go to my neighbors yard to take pictures! I have a macro lense on my wish list. I dream of all the pretty flower pics I could take with one...aahhh...some day!