Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Utah Valley Shout Out

For all my fellow Utah Valleyites (either current or ex) here's two great sites for you to check out and neither of which do you need residency to enjoy!

The Daily Cool

Back in college, my friend Emilie was always the epitome of hip, and she still is. She just always seems to know what's cool. Her blog, The Daily Cool , promises a quick dose everyday. In between exposing up and coming artists, musicians and sometimes just plain cool stuff, she often highlights a few gems around Utah Valley as well as Salt Lake. Check this one out, you won't be disappointed.

Utah Adventurer

My friend Joanna pretty much has one of the coolest jobs I can think of. Her new gig puts her writing and adventure skills to the test as she explores Utah with her children and family. This site is dedicated to all the great activities the great State of Utah has to offer. Its very cool, on the home page, you can look up activites by who is in your party (families, couples, pet, or all access) The explorations range from a laidback drive up a canyon to hardcore backpacking and extreme climbing. Set up almost as travel logs, the writers (or adventurers) share with you their experience through pictures and even video--it's great! If you're in Utah or going soon and looking for a new adventure, check out this site first,
And of course, check out Joanna's story on cross country skiing with her family and see Sydney's long distance buddy, Carlitos.


Debbie said...

I loved reading Emilie's blog. She's seems like a lot of fun.