Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Fairy Tale

For mother's day this year, Sydney (with the help of her daddy) wrote me my very own book. It's so awesome. She made the story up herself and Jon helped her with creating the images and writing some of the longer parts. She even let Vivie help with all the coloring (so if you see crayon anywhere, it's the evil genius contribution.) So read the story of me. Oh yeah, I'm the princess dressed in ALL BLACK in every single picture. See, I told you, awesome.

(That's me, sleeping in a bed made for a giant)

(And that's me about to be trampled by wish granting unicorn)

(Um, yeah I do!)


(Nice book choice. And once again, I totally love my goth dress.)

(Look how hot I look in this car!)

(I totally belong with the Cullens, don't you think?)

(I look pretty bad-A as a wizard, too. So it's a hard call...)

(My chef hat rocks.)

(That's actually about the proportional size of my camera)

(Yeah, long story...)

(Awww... and I really like how my goth look is catching.)

It's totally true. They are the best treasure I could ever have.
Happy Mother's Day!


Terresa said...

Yep, the goth dress is definitely a keeper. And your dear author/daughter, too. happy mom's day!
PS: found your blog via Mormon Mommy blogs, and it's sweet.

The McPherson Clan--- said...

Okay, so I spent the entire time laughing hysterically, then I got to the end and got all teary-eyed. Your family rocks and I love your goth dress and your huge cupcakes!

museumeg said...

What a great Mother's Day gift. All your comments were hilarious! Vampire or Wizard? I choose Vampire.

y0hmama said...


Sara Walker said...

Your family is totally awesome. I loved it.

amylouwho said...

good grief that is adorable!

oh, and by the way, you do realize that if I move back there you are going to have to make me every single recipe for all the cupcakes I've missed out on!!

allyn said...

that was so too too cute. sydney's handwriting and spelling skills are killer.

Debbie said...

that is the cutest thing ever!!! my fav was you and edward!!!

Irish said...

That is an awesome book :) ..... Love it :)

Emilie and Branden said...

That is hilarious. I love it.