Sunday, March 29, 2009


Hey Everyone!

The voting for the Iron Cupcake is now open and will stay open until Friday. Vote for me! To vote, click on the Iron Cupcake icon to the right --------------------------------->>>>>

On the right hand side of that blog, just scroll down to The Vanessa Contessa, select me, scroll down some more and hit submit. It'll take you less than 10 seconds.

Spread the word!



Debbie said...

i am going right now

Irish said...

Good to see ya back to the land of blogging :) ...... Have went and voted for ya ..... My mouth is now watering and will have to get into the kitchen and start baking :)

Abi said...

2 seconds ago when I voted, you were ahead by 18%!! Go Vanessa!

Anonymous said...

I was going to vote for someone else, but yours was so good I changed my mind.