Monday, November 24, 2008

Stumble Upon

I usually browse with FireFox and they have a fun little app called "stumble upon." Basically you put in a bunch of your likes, hobbies, interests and hit stumble and it will bring you to the most random things on the web. I'm completely addicted to it. Particularly when I really should be doing work or pulling my kids off each other. It's just another arsenal in my war with procrastination. Anyway, here a few great gems I cam across today... you can come across almost anything, but here's what caught my eye this time around.

-- Hilarious sarcastic comics like the ones below, some are not PG shall we say, so be prepared:

This a gallery of images from the Hubble telescope. They are so beautiful. I can't stop looking at them. Our universe is amazing. I feel so small and at the same to so completely significant when I look at images like this.

Ever wonder what idealism is or who on earth Kierkegaard was? Here's a little cliff notes on philosophy. It's pretty interesting.