Saturday, October 4, 2008

Funniest. Blog. Ever.

I found this little gem courtesy of my friend Emilie. It is probably the most hilarious blog I have ever read. I was seriously crying with joy and laughter. I will certainly be stalking this one.

p.s. You will in no way find this funny if:

a.) You are not a mormon
b.) You are not at all familiar with Utah culture
c.) You are not able to laugh at the strangeness and awesomeness of a and b above


Debbie said...

Vanessa, this blog says it does not exist!?!?

Vanessa Contessa said...

Sorry, fat fingers.

Try it now.

Erin J. said...

Agreed- totally hilarious! Only a Utah Mormon could create such brain patterns!

Erin J. said...

Did you check out his link to Bishop Higgins? Quite funny as well!

Gatsby said...

Hey thanks Vanessa. I like your blog too.

RhondaLThomas said...

Well, you're right - one must be "in the know" as I am not, BUT I found a couple of Gatsby's entries hysterical - my favs include the Magic 8 Ball! LOL!!!